About Us

For more than 10 years, Jacquie Curtis, a paraprofessional for a local elementary school and the president of More Than Cake, has been an avid baker and cake decorator. She’s trained under industry legends, such as Joelle Mahoney, Betty Van Norstrand, Geraldine Randlesome, Charmaine Jones (The CakeDiva), Antoinette (Toni) Hartman, Gloria Griffin, and Chef Steven Ciccone, and has built a reputation as one of the most talented cake artists in Virginia.

Unfortunately, Jacquie had to hang up her cake-decorating apron in 2011 because of an injury. But that didn’t stop her passion for cake decorating. Instead, she turned her attention to helping other bakers improve their craft by offering a unique line of powdered flavors and scents.

How fondant created a company

It all began in 2003. Jacquie was teaching a Wilton Cake Decorating Class when her students began talking about fondants lack of taste. Her students described how their clients would peel off the beautiful fondant decorations they had spent hours meticulously creating before consuming the tasty treats. Nobody knew it then, but that conversation would inspire Jacquie to create one of the most innovative cake-decorating products ever produced—Perfect Palate™.

A few years later, Jacquie began researching various flavorings to see if she could find a way to improve the taste of fondant. She quickly learned there wasn’t much of a selection. Even worse, all the flavorings she found were liquid-based, which can alter the consistency of fondant, making it more difficult to work with. In spring 2009, Jacquie began working with a talented chemist at an American flavoring company. A few months later, the collaboration yielded the company’s first powdered flavoring.

Our first flavor

In March 2011, Jacquie demonstrated Very Berry, her very first powdered flavor, at an ICES Days of Sharing event. The response was so overwhelmingly positive, that Jacquie and her husband Chris decided to test market Perfect Palate™ at the 2011 Annual ICES Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. By opening day, the couple had developed four additional flavorings.

Jacquie with Chef Steven Ciccone and Betty Van Norstrand

That summer, Jacquie’s sister Colleen joined her and Chris to help with the show. Jacquie was elated. For decades, Colleen had been one of her biggest supporters and having her there for the public unveiling meant the world to her. Over the next three days, this small but dedicated team would test the batter with professional bakers and cake decorators from around the world. After all, it’s one thing to demo a product; it’s quite another to actually sell it.

American Cake Decorating magazine, April 2011 Issue

Perfect Palate™ was a resounding success. The trio nearly sold out of their entire show inventory, met some very talented people, established new friendships, and returned to Williamsburg more committed and motivated than ever.

Now we’re cooking!

Today, More Than Cake offers three unique product lines—Perfect Palate™, which consists of more than 28 delicious flavors, Edible Petals®, which features 13 floral scents, and Fund Raisers™, a new line of flavored fundraising products.

Jacquie with Nicholas Lodge from The International School of Sugar Art

Colleen is now Vice President and a full-fledged partner, and Jacquie’s husband, Chris, is our Director of Marketing. So as you can see, we are most certainly a family business, which is probably why we’re so easy to work with. To find out more, call or email us today.

Chris with Charmaine Jones, aka The Cake Diva