More Than Cake makes powdered flavors and scents for cakes, fondant, and icing

More Than Cake is a Virginia-based company that manufactures dozens of unique flavors and scents designed to transform ordinary cakes, cookies, and candy into the best-tasting and most realistic-smelling baked goods you’ve ever created.

We currently offer three amazing products—Perfect Palate™, available in 31 deliciously unique flavors, and Edible Petals®, a wonderful bouquet of 12 incredibly realistic floral scents. Both of these products can easily be added to a variety of baked goods and edible decorations, including cake batter, fondant, icing, cookie dough, pancake mix, candy, and more. And since our flavors and scents are colorless powders they won’t compromise the integrity of your fondant, icing, or batter—or alter its color.

Our selection of flavors and scents is continually growing so be sure to check our Products pages for our latest offerings.

More Than Cake The finest in powdered flavors.™